Winner of Remodeling Magazine's Best of the Best award for exteriors and bathrooms over $40,000.


Founded by Dennis Gross in 2002, Castle Crafters specializes in a collaborative approach to remodeling and renovation. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers and use our experience and expertise to transform your ideas, needs and dreams into reality. We bring an open mind and approach this process with the overriding desire to satisfy you with the end result. 

Working with your ideas our goal is to figure out how to make them work in a way that adds liveability and value to your home. When faced with unique design challenges, we do not respond "this is the way it is always done", but with "let's work together to see how we can achieve that." 

The end result is a project that will serve you for years to come because we pay attention to the details all along the way, both those that can be seen and those that cannot. So that whether it is on the day we finish, or years later, you will be happy you chose Castle Crafters to do your remodel. That is probably why so many of our customers have done two, three or four projects with us.